January 15, 2012

Middle School Ski Club at Buck Hill

Middle School Ski Club at Buck Hill

Todd Swank Diary Entry for January 10, 2012

The boys have been participating in their Middle School Ski Club at Buck Hill in Burnsville, Minnesota.  Because I volunteered to be chaperon, I get to go skiing with them!  Even though I probably need a chaperon more than they do...

This week, I was even able to drag Miss Sheri along with us!  She made me buy her a new coat before she'd agree to it, though.  She complains that she doesn't like to be cold.  Not sure why she agreed to move to Minnesota with me all those years ago, but I'm sure glad she did.

Buck Hill isn't all that big, but for a Monday night of fun....it's not too shabby!

Jen Walters is also one of the chaperons.  I'm pretty sure she's even one of the responsible ones!

The weather was a balmy 45 degrees on Monday night.  So that coupled with her new coat kept Sheri from Belly Aching about being cold!  Well, at least she didn't Belly Ache as much as usual.

Although most of the runs have normal ski lifts, the bunny hill has a cool elevator called the Magic Carpet Lift.  Luke really likes it because it has a long tunnel on it where he thinks he can tell inappropriate jokes to his friends.  He didn't realize how sound carried through the tunnel and now doesn't enjoy that feature nearly as much!

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