May 9, 2012

Dock Dog Cinemagrams

The boys are at church and Miss Sheri is out shopping.

So it was time to take Sunny down to the dock and create some Cinemagrams...

I created this one with a young man who lives in the neighborhood.  He asked me to post the video online so here you go, Jagger.

Created with

I needed his help, because I struggled a bit trying to create cinemagrams by myself.

It's different than taking photos or even videos for that matter
For one thing, I can't figure out how to save videos on the fly to be able to edit them later.  

It's tough trying to throw the ball down the dock at the right speed and velocity to get the dog to go where I want him to go, then rush to pick up the camera and start recording the video with a steady hand.  

Then I have to pull the camera down to stop recording, quickly select the options to edit the video and give it a title, all while trying to keep a sopping wet, 90 pound dog entertained while he tries to gain my attention to throw him the Damned Ball again.

Created with

They're still fun to create though!

I hope you enjoy them!!!

Have a great Wednesday Night!

Todd Swank

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