October 14, 2012

Cap Agency Food Drive 2012

Cap Agency Food Drive 2012
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 14, 2012

I drug the boys out of bed bright and early on Saturday morning to go to Village Market in Prior Lake.  We were all excited to help the Boy Scouts collect food for the annual Cap Agency Food Drive! All right, to be honest with you not everyone was excited.  Some of us showed up doing quite a bit of grumbling!

The men weren't grumbling, though.  These guys always have positive attitudes while they're out there doing good deeds for the world.  I just like standing near them so maybe one day some of their good qualities will eventually rub off on me.  It seems like I still need a good amount of work.

We only stayed for the first two shifts so we weren't there to see the final tallies, but it seemed like quite a bit of food was collected!  Minus one spilled box of spaghetti.  Sorry about that to whoever was going to receive it.   Italian night will just have to happen another time!

On Sunday, we decided to detach ourselves from doing work to get some fresh air and take the dog for a walk.  We were planning on watching the Vikings Game when we got home, but based on the results of the game, we would have been much better off had we just kept walking.

Quit taking my picture and throw me the damn ball!

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