October 7, 2012

Frightmares at Buck Hill in Burnsville, Minnesota

Frightmares at Buck Hill in Burnsville, Minnesota
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 7, 2012

On Saturday morning, we went to Prior Lake High School to help the Middle School Robotics Club get ready for the upcoming season.  There's a lot of parts that need to be examined to make sure they're going to work to build monster robots!

Members of the Prior Lake Middle School Robotics Club connect with a couple of members from the high school team, King Tec.  Good things happen.

On Saturday night, we went to Buck Hill in Burnsville with our friends, the Zitzewitz Family, to check out Frightmares.  It's a festival of haunted attractions and scary people walking around doing their best to mess with your heads.

We were told this place was very "Family Friendly" before we decided to go.  When I saw this creature swinging around a bloody corpse, I began to wonder if we'd been lied to.  I asked the guy at the gate how this could be described as "Family Friendly."  He told me "Well, he was Family once!"

Tina's brother, Dean, and niece, Maddie, joined us for the evening which was nice.  I always like to have new people hear me scream in horror and watch me wet my pants.

There were all sorts of nice, new people to meet.

Some of them were more than willing to have a friendly chat.

While others tended to keep to themselves.

The boys loved going into the Haunted Houses.  Especially the 3D Factory which featured a spinning tunnel that literally had us leaning on the railings to avoid falling.  They tell me the floor wasn't actually moving, but I don't believe them.

The place wasn't nearly as scary when I made the boys lead the way.      It was time to let the people jump out and freak them out for a change.     

We found this guy on the haunted trail.  He had an axe deep in his chest and just kept moaning.  We walked on the same trail again about an hour and a half later and he hadn't moved.  He was still in the exact same place and he was still moaning.  So we figured the wound couldn't have been nearly as bad as it looked.

At the end of the night, we chilled out with the smooth sounds of Casablanca Orchestra.  These guys rock!

On Sunday afternoon, we joined some other Boy Scouts to help out with a fundraiser at Lakefront Park called Walk4Rick.  It was to raise money for a local family affected by cancer.

Our task was to run some games for kids that came to the event.  It was a bit chilly outside, but I think a good time was had by all.  And more importantly, it looks like a lot of money was raised for Rick and his family.  So it was a good day!

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