November 11, 2012

Doc and Portia's Wedding

Doc and Portia's Wedding
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 1, 2012

On Saturday night, we headed to downtown Minneapolis for a Party at the top of the IDS Center.  That's the tall one on the left.

Our friends, Portia and Doc, were getting married at Windows on Minnesota.  Our ears popped as we whisked up the elevator to the 50th floor.

We don't get to dress up very often, but when we do we like to bring Grandma Linda with us.  She just makes us look better.

Luke and Avery have been in scouts with Gavin for quite a few years now and that's how we got to know his mom, Portia.

Of course, we'd never seen her like this before.  Gavin's mom looked like a Million Bucks!

Her new husband, Doc, didn't look too shabby either!

This is Portia's sister, Kathleen.  She read a piece during the ceremony on how to have a successful marriage and it was quite enlightening.  Not only did she read it with incredible passion, she also ad-libbed her own thoughts on the piece throughout it which brought a lot of smiles to everyone's faces.  It sure made me want to figure out how to have a successful marriage!

Portia's daughters, Dana and Tess, looked quite lovely as they added their own commentary to the ceremony as well.  It was honestly one of the most enjoyable wedding ceremonies I've ever attended.

I was also happy to be there because I had a chance to see the dessert table.  I gained 9 pounds by the time the night was over.

We had an incredible meal and celebrated the joyous occasion until the wee hours of the evening.

Suddenly this incredible band appeared.  And they played Music!

So we had to dance.  And Dance We Did!

It was a great experience celebrating the union of these two incredible people.      

It is nice to see Portia so happy.  We wish the both of them the best as they spend the rest of their lives together!!

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