November 11, 2012

Water Park of America November 2012

Water Park of America November 2012
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for November 11, 2012

Tuesday night brought me to Detroit, Michigan.  From this angle, it looks just like Minneapolis.

The reason for my trip was to present at a customer event hosted by Intel and Simulia.  I was there to introduce the new Nor-Tech Personal Clusters.  

The person I followed was a nice man from General Motors.  He told me he was responsible for designing the drive trains on new automobiles.  Sounded pretty cool to me!

On Saturday morning, I was back home and dragging the boys to the Boy Scout Christmas Tree Lot bright and early to help them set-up for the upcoming season.  Hard to believe it's already time to start selling Christmas Trees again!

It was cold and drizzling, but the boys did a good job walking around trying to look like they were hard at work!

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the Water Park of America for a little bit of fun and relaxation.

We went with our good friends, the Zitzewitz Family.  There was a time when Karl and I could handle the solo tubes, but we discovered that as we get older the double tubes just work better.

We established home base off in one of the corners.  It's nice to rest for awhile after repeatedly subjecting our bodies to abuse down the tube and body slides.

Karl and I had fun taking Grandma Linda down the 10 story family raft ride.  Oh sure, she swears and screams a lot, but in general she's a pretty good sport.

It was hard to get the boys to leave at the end of the night, but I guess that means they had a good time.