June 9, 2013

First Boat Ride of 2013

First Boat Ride of 2013
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 9, 2013

On Monday night, we went to the last Boy Scout meeting before summer break and were proud of Luke and Avery as they both earned their Star ranks.  Now they only need to earn their Life ranks and then they can start working on becoming Eagle Scouts.  I never would have guessed they would have lasted this long in scouts, but am really glad they have.  They gain a lot of helpful skills and experience through this program and there's so many great people involved in our troop.  We feel blessed to be part of it.

On Friday night, we drug Grandma Linda out of her house to the new movie, The Intern, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  We liked those guys in Wedding Crashers, so we thought this would be a good movie also.  We were wrong.  Although it certainly had it's funny moments, the plot was pretty unbelievable and predictable all at the same time.

About halfway through the movie, I decided to walk out and spend the rest of the evening riding this prop from the movie Turbo in the lobby instead.  I think I made the right choice.

Although it's still ridiculously cold for June, we decided we couldn't wait any more and drug the boat out of the garage for our first boat ride of the year.  It was short, but pleasant.  

It was also pretty dangerous apparently, although we didn't even know the risks we were taking until I was looking through these pictures the next evening.  If you look at what is behind the boat, you'll see that we have one of those fresh water great white sharks stalking us.  I'm so glad it was too cold for swimming, else we'd have been goners!

Although we didn't stay out for long, we did continue our bird watching hobby and found this Great Blue Heron sitting in a tree high over our heads.  These guys are huge and fun to watch flying over the lake because they're kind of awkward.  Just like me.

Sunny pretended he was interested in the birds, but I knew it was a challenge for him.  He's not real fond of riding around in the boat.

He'd much rather be jumping into the lake rather than floating around on top of it.  I guess I can't blame him.

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