March 9, 2014

2014 FRC Lake Superior Regional Robotics Tournament in Duluth, Minnesota

2014 FRC Lake Superior Regional Robotics Tournament 
in Duluth, Minnesota

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 9, 2014

We took a couple of days vacation to travel north to Duluth, Minnesota to attend the 2014 FRC Lake Superior Regional Robotics Competition.  Two full days of robot on robot action was quite exhilarating! 

We went there to root on Prior Lake High School's robotics team, KING TeC, as they were going to defend their title after winning their regionals last year and advancing all the way to the finals of the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri.

Luke and Avery had been part of the middle school robotics program the past couple of years, but this was their first experience being part of the high school team.  

The boys actually went to the tournament without us and spent very little time with us in Duluth.  So we stalked them out at the restaurant they went to so I could do a sneak attack photo.  They were smiling here, but they sure didn't act like they wanted us to stick around for some reason!  How could they not want to spend more time with their cool parents?

We took advantage of the time to spend some time together and go on a series of dates.  Those boys have no idea on how much fun they missed out on by not hanging out with their mom and dad!

We did things like harass the local moose population.  At least I think that was a moose.

We also hung out at the local curling club.  I'd never been to one of these before.  It was pretty Cool!  In more ways than one. 

Back at the tournament Luke was busy at work "Scouting" the competition.  This year's game was called Aerial Assist and figuring out which robot to partner with was extremely important.  Here's the rules of the game which will show you why:

Avery was busy scouting also.

Coaches Olson and Volm did a great job with the kids this year.  They also look really good in crowns and capes.

Unfortunately for the team, their robot had some mechanical issues and they weren't able to repeat last year's performance on the field.  However, they did win the coveted Spirit Award for constantly singing and dancing, spreading positive energy, and cheering on their team and others.  Way to go, KING TeC!

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