April 20, 2014

Minnesota Timberwolves Vs The Utah Jazz. Last Game of the 2014 Season.

Minnesota Timberwolves Vs The Utah Jazz.  
Last Game of the 2014 Season.
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 20, 2014

I knew Easter was in the air when I kept seeing this guy hanging outside my window at work.  He seemed much more interested in chasing a girl rabbit then he did in preparing Easter Baskets though.  He must have already had them all done over the winter.

On Wednesday night we headed down to Target Center to watch the Minnesota Timberwolves play their last game of the season.  Although the year started off with a lot of promise, too many losses made us miss the playoffs again.  They haven't made it to the playoffs in a decade now which really sucks because there's a good chance Kevin Love will leave us as soon as he can opt out of contract.  Then we'll be all alone.

In any event, I do whatever I can to speak to Kevin at half time so I can try to convince him to stay.  I think I was making the guard nervous, but he never said anything to me so I must have intimidated him.

The family was excited to come to the game.  Since it was a school night and the Wolves were losing, I said that was fine so we left early in the fourth quarter.  Which means that of course the Wolves had an incredible comeback and took the game to a double overtime.  But they eventually lost.  

Dang Jazz!

The day after the game, Sid Hartman broke the story in the Star Tribune that he had a credible source that said this was going to be Rick Adelman's last game as our coach.  He said there was no chance - zero - of him returning next year.  I'll miss the old guy.  He never had a winning season for us, but I always thought he'd make it happen.  I guess not.

When I was walking by the court at halftime, I snapped this photo of old man Sid Hartman pestering Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor.  Maybe this was the source of his story?  To me it looked like Glen was doing the best he could to blow him off, but who knows.

If Ricky Rubio was playing charades, my guess is he was trying to say 9 o'clock.

For Easter Sunday, we went to see Miss Sheri's family.  We were really excited to see them and I think they were pretty excited to see us also!

Avery loves riding the tractor with Uncle Jerry!

When we arrived back in Prior Lake, it appeared Spring was in the air as we were greeted by a Flock of Pelicans.  Wasn't that a band in the eighties?

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