November 9, 2014

Tech Data AIS & Software Summit in Orlando, Florida

Tech Data AIS & Software Summit in Orlando, Florida
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for November 11, 2014

It was time to fly again this week.  This time I was going to sunny Orlando, Florida.

I was going there as a guest of technology distributor, Tech Data.  They were hosting an AIS and Software show and thought I'd like their stuff.  I did.

It was a first class operation.  They had this nice gentleman from Pakistan pick me up at the airport.  He wasn't sure why I wanted his picture, but was happy enough to oblige me.

He drove me right onto the grounds of Walt Disney World to the hotel where I'd be staying.  It was hard to be this close to Disney World without actually having the opportunity to go there.  I love that place!

The hotel was gorgeous and the weather was beautiful.  And I didn't get to enjoy any of it!

Because I was stuck inside conference rooms for three days hearing about 30 different companies do their pitches on enterprise software and data center peripherals.  Sadly for me, I probably enjoyed doing this more than I would have enjoyed the pool.  I'm kind of weird that way.

We did get to sit by the pool for a little while on the first night and listen to this band play during dinner.  They rocked.

I thought the crowd was gonna get a little bit rowdy, but it ended up being pretty mellow so I decided to call it an early night.

Lucky for me, I saved my energy because we did get a little bit out of control at the House of Blues on the second night I was there.  The band was really good.  Best of all, they had a karaoke screen and invited members of the audience up to sing with them.  I just love those kinds of opportunities.

I belted out my rendition of Born To Be Wild and the crowd went wild.  Well, maybe not wild, but they did clap really loudly and yelled out a few cheers.  OK, maybe not really loudly, but I definitely saw a few people clapping. 

I don't normally have back-up singers when I do karaoke, but I could really get used to it.

When I came back home for the weekend, the family and I thought it would be fun to go see Interstellar, the new SciFi flick starring Matthew McConaughey.

We didn't get it.

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