December 21, 2014

2014 Swank Family Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas! 

Unbelievable.  Another Christmas letter?  We still feel guilty for all the lies we told last year to make our lives seem       interesting.  We’re so glad we don’t have to be sworn in under oath before writing these things.

2014 was a year full of excitement at the Swank household.

Sheri and Todd celebrated reaching the glorious milestone of 20 years of marriage.  They just barely made it and 21 years certainly seems to be a stretch at this point. *

Our biggest surprise of the year was jumping back into the medical arena with Luke when we found out his liver was showing signs of being damaged caused by his congenital heart condition.  We had to endure two different heart and liver transplant evaluations at the University of Minnesota and at Lurie’s Hospital in Chicago.  We feel very blessed that the doctors have determined that neither transplant is critical at this point.  Instead, he’s going to get a pacemaker to hopefully help ease the pressure on his liver.  Being his father’s son, Luke has been using humor to deal with such a stressful situation.  He recently told us a story.  When he was first able to go back to school, one of his friends gave him a big hug and exclaimed “I don’t want you to die, Luke!”  He responded, “Don’t worry.  If I die, I’m gonna come back and haunt the crap out of those doctors!”  We sure do love that kid.

 Avery on the other hand has not been having  medical problems. He’s been a picture of health.  The kid literally works out every night in his room before going to bed.  Who does that?  He’s starting to get muscles everywhere which makes us all a little nervous.  We’re pretty sure we could still take him if  needed, but are starting to really hope it never comes down to that.

 Our other drama of the year involved both boys getting their braces removed and both of them getting their     driver’s permits.  Once the boys started driving, the cops had to get involved only a   couple of times in the first month which is honestly much better than we expected for Swank children. 

  Other than that stuff, Luke and Avery stayed busy with high school, robotics, golf, band, Boy Scouts, and some         mysterious activities in the bathroom.  *

Our dog, Sunny, continues to get old.  We will probably have to trade him in for a younger puppy soon.  *

Our goals for 2015 are to live each and absolutely every day to its fullest.  We are going to focus on things that make us happy and inspired and not on worries and fear.  We hope you all do the same.

God Bless Us Everyone!

The Swank Family

*Sheri made me identify the lies like this year.  Like you people are gonna actually take me seriously.

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