December 14, 2014

Grandma Linda's Birthday Celebration

Grandma Linda's Birthday Celebration
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for December 14, 2014

Friday night was the celebration of the birth of Grandma Linda.  72 years ago her mother spilled her out into the world which enabled me to spill these boys out into the world some 57 years later.  That's just a lot of good spillage.

I took her to Mystic Lake Casino to celebrate.  After walking her around the parking lot for awhile, I thought she'd have even more fun if I took her inside.

We went to a holiday show called Borealis.  It's kind of a low budget Cirque Du Soleil type of show.  It was enjoyable.

There was a lot of circus type performances and dare devil acts.  There was even a little bit of humor.  Which was nice.

Unfortunately for me, Grandma Linda has always wanted to join the circus.  She hooked up with these fellas and I haven't seen her since.   I hope they treat her well.

On Saturday night, we had our good friends the Browns and the Zitzewitzes over for a hot tub party.

The nice thing about having Troy come over for a visit is that he always comes bearing pizzas!  This time he brought 6 different kinds that he made himself in an oven he built himself.  My favorite pizza this time around was something he called The Bullfighter.  It had several kinds of peppers, three alarm fire cheese, and coated with Sriracha sauce.  After two pieces, I definitely felt like the Bull had won!

We all ate and then we hopped in and took a bath with one another.  That sounds a lot naughtier than it actually is.

Hot tub parties are fun, but not the best for photo opportunities.

We came to find out later that it was Tina's birthday the next day!  Lucky for us, Miss Sheri usually has a cake laying around for just such an occasion
The surprise of the evening came when our old friend, Bad Brad Nelson stopped by for a dip in the pool.  It's really a lot of fun taking a bath with that guy.

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