February 1, 2015

A Canceled Ski Trip

A Canceled Ski Trip
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 1, 2015

Monday night brought us to Prior Lake High School for a spectacular band concert.

We miss having Avery in the band, but Luke still delights us with his piercing percussion play.  I know he must be intently focused on what he's doing because no matter how hard I stand up and wave at him from the audience, I can't get him to smile for the camera during any of the songs.

On Friday night, some of my high school buddies came up for a weekend of fun and going downhill skiing.  I look forward to this weekend every year!

The guys are great.  They always come loaded with goodies to share with us.  Joel works at Quaker Oats and personally made this box of cereal.  I think he even drew Captain Crunch on the box which must take a lot of talent!

Ron grows spicy peppers in his garden and chops them into some excellent tasting salsa!  He brought a couple of jars for us to enjoy.  The boys were pretty upset when they woke up on Saturday morning and one of the jars had already been eaten.   Our bad.

We ended up going to Mystic Lake Casino to visit with some old friends.  It ended up being a pretty late night.

We woke up late on Saturday morning and took our time to get ready for skiing.  Suddenly Krazy Kory noticed a massive blizzard was bearing down on most of the state of Iowa, so they decided to change plans and head back home instead of going skiing.   That sucked for me, but it was great seeing these guys for 16 hours or so.

On Saturday night, Luke and Avery had some friends over for a hot tub party.  They normally don't let me hang around with them during these events, but I had to snap a photo of their crew.  Even if they did belly-ache that it was only 15 degrees outside and how long are you going to make us pose!?!?!?

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