April 12, 2015

2015 Springtime in Prior Lake, Minnesota

2015 Springtime in Prior Lake, Minnesota
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 12, 2015

Springtime in Minnesota is beautiful.  I love going down to the lake early in the morning to see the water before it has been disturbed by people.  Saturday morning, it was smooth as glass.

There's ducks hanging out in our yard looking like they're ready to start getting frisky.  I wanted to go up to them to see how things were going, but Miss Sheri wouldn't let me.  She said they needed their privacy.  Stuck Up Ducks.

We're not going to bring our new puppy home for two more weeks, but we still like to go over and visit him with his brothers and sisters.  They are getting more and more playful every day!

We've decided to stick with the name Blue for the new puppy .  We were debating it because I wanted his name to be somewhat in relationship to our 10 year old Golden Retriever, Sunny.  Then it came to me.  His full name will be Blue Sky Swank and we'll just call him Blue for short.  That way we have Sunny and a Blue Sky.  That sounds good to me!

He sure is cute, but man are those puppy teeth SHARP!

Saturday was the big introduction day as we brought Sunny over to meet his new friend that will be living with us in a couple of weeks.  Sunny was ultra hyper because he usually associates going across the street with going swimming.

Eventually we were able to get him to settle down enough to allow them to smell one another.  It was less eventful than we were expecting.

I thought it would be more like the time when Miss Sheri and I first met and knew that we'd be together forever.  That was a good day.

We kept the dogs together for 20 minutes or so before we had to stop torturing Sunny and just let him go swimming.  I don't think he quite understood the concept that the puppy was coming home with us some day, but I'll keep working on trying to explain it to him.

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