April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 5, 2015

Our neighbors' dogs had 11 Golden Retriever puppies.  Luke and Avery have been going over to see them on a regular basis and Luke has been working every angle he can to hard sell us on the fact that we need a new puppy in our house.

Avery hasn't been selling quite as hard as his brother, but we knew he was loving the puppies as well.

So they finally wore us down and we chose one to come home with us.  The selection process was pretty tough because they are all so adorable.  All the puppies have different color collars each with a number on it.  We had it narrowed down to two, one that we were referring to as number 6 and one that had a blue collar.  I finally decided to push the family to choose, so I told them "I like 6."  Luke jumped in and said "I like 6."  Then Sheri said "I like 6."  We all looked at Avery who was holding this guy in his arms.  He looked back at us and said "I like Blue."  I told Avery that the three of us all chose 6 and that he needed to re-consider.  He held firm.  I then said, "Avery, we can't have three of choosing the number 6 because that represents the number of the beast and we certainly don't need any devil dogs in our house."  After that realization, I put 6 back in the box and Luke and I started focusing on Blue.  He was adorable.  So I looked at Luke and exclaimed "You're my boy, Blue!  And that's how we finalized our pick.  He needs to be with his parents for a few more weeks and then he'll be able to come home with us.

We're really hoping Sunny is going to be OK with our plans.

This is where the line "You're My Boy, Blue!" comes from.

On Saturday night, we went up to see our good friends, Kim and Mike Bailey, as well as some other guests they invited to their house.  Jason was kind of sleepy.

I wanted to get a picture of everybody, but Luke wasn't having it.

We ended up having a ball playing in a 500 tournament.  Unfortunately, my partner, Steph, and I lost and Miss Sheri didn't do much better playing with Jason.  It was still fun, though, but I would have much preferred winning.

Easter morning came and the bunny brought a couple of baskets, although it was like pulling teeth to get these high school kids to go look for them.  I guess they're getting too old for that.  We'll just leave the Easter eggs hidden in the yard for the squirrels to find.

We had a pleasant day taking Grandma Linda to church and to Sunday brunch afterwards.  Avery isn't very pleasant sitting next to at church.  He gets a little bit surly.

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