November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for November 1, 2015

It was Halloween at Oracle on Friday and my team-mate, Erin was the only one on our team who participated.  I wore my hat hair, which I don't really count as a costume since I'd wear it every day if it wasn't considered a bit odd.  I miss having hair.

We had a bunch of trick or treaters walking through our office including Erin's precious little son, Sully.  I told her I thought he was very cute and it was really cool that kids these days still even know who Papa Smurf is.  She then told me that he was a Garden Gnome.  What do I know?

Luke and Avery dressed up for school on Friday.  I think Avery's new glasses make Clark Kent a particularly good choice for him and of course, Luke makes a perfect Yoda.  Mmm.  Not tall he is.

The kids went to a high school dance on Friday, so Miss Sheri and I made it a date night at Outback.  Too make it particularly special, I talked to her with an Australian accent the whole night.  I'm kind of romantic that way.

On Halloween night, we went to some friends house and left the boys home alone with some friends.  We always get a little nervous to do that, but lucky for us the house was still standing when we came home.

We went to the Zitzewitz House to hang out with some fun people and eat some weird Halloween food.

I know some people might find it appealing to eat hot dogs cut up to look like fingers, but to a guy who is actually missing a couple of fingers it just hits a little too close to home.  It's kind of like a chicken eating at KFC.  It just isn't a good fit.

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