November 29, 2015

2015 Thanksgiving in Flower Mound, Texas

2015 Thanksgiving in Flower Mound, Texas
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for November 29, 2015

We road tripped down to Flower Mound, Texas this week for Thanksgiving.  Along the way, we stopped to pick up my niece, Lauren, who is a freshman at Oklahoma State University.  Spending some time in the dorms brought back a lot of memories!  

We drove the 17 hours to get there for mainly one reason.  So we could bring our silly dogs.  They just love swimming in my sister's pool and my sister just loves having a couple more wet dogs available to run through her house while she was preparing the holiday meal.

The first day we were there, most of the rest of my family was still working so Lauren & Brittany took us shopping to buy the boys some new clothes.  Their old clothes were getting kind of smelly.

On Tuesday night, we went to see the final installment of the Hunger Games series.  We liked it.

On Wednesday night, we went to Grapevine which bills itself as the Christmas Capital of Texas.  It has nice lights so I'm guessing they've earned the title.

We finally had the chance to connect with my other sister, Tammy, and her family.  They are nice people.

Mallory has a new man in her life and we finally had the chance to meet Marcus.  He's a nice man.

Bailey also has a new man in her life.  His name is Justin and he is a nice man as well.

I like spending the holidays with my mom and sisters.  I just wish they didn't live so dang far away!

Our favorite thing to do as a family is stand together and pose for pictures.

We put the mistletoe booth to good use.

And about 2 minutes later, the quarters started pouring in...

The cousins just love having sleep overs and getting to relax in the mornings.

We thought if we exercised the puppies, they might not be so hyper when all the company came over for the Thanksgiving meal.  It didn't work.

Uncle Dave carved the turkey.  He's very thorough at his job.

We were very excited to see our cousin, Terri, and her beautiful daughters Kat & Courtney!   I remember them when they were just little girls, so it's so weird seeing them now that they are all grown up!

Dinner was served.  And it was superb!

As usual, the cousins had a wonderful time with one another.

They even had fun spending a little time with Grandma.  Until she started telling her stories again.  Then they scattered.

In Texas, they have critter issues and Luke loves checking the live traps each morning to see if they caught any possums or armadillos.  He was ecstatic on Friday morning when he discovered a large possum had been captured.  These things look like huge rats and have pretty scary teeth.  Uncle Dave is a kind man, though, and drove this guy off to a nearby lake and set him free.  

The dads were excited to take a trip to Fort Worth to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to see one of the two locations in the country where our currency is created.  I found it to be fascinating to see pallets of tens, twenties, and hundred dollar bills literally totaling tens of millions of dollars sitting right on the other side of a glass panel from us.  The kids thought it was the most boring thing to do in the world.

So to get them to quit their bellyaching, we took them to a local gym that had nothing but climbing walls and set them free.  The place smelled like feet to me.

Not sure what the thrill of climbing a wall is all about, but the kids seemed to like it.

It's sad to think about how much stronger Avery is than his father.  So we don't even discuss it.

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