May 1, 2016

Prior Lake High School Prom 2016

Prior Lake High School Prom 2016 
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 1st, 2016

We like hanging out by the lake and taking the dogs swimming.  It's different now with young Blue because swimming isn't coming as naturally for him as it does with most Golden Retrievers.  So he spends a lot of time at the shore while Sunny goes out after the ball.  Then when Sunny gets close to shore, he attacks him and bites his face.  Sunny deals with it like a trooper, but we keep hoping Blue figures out how to swim so he can go for the balls also.

For now, though, it's mainly Sunny going out to swim near the ducks.

Saturday night was Prom night, so it was a nice opportunity to see the boys get dressed up for a change.

They went with a group of friends who all came to our house before they went out to dinner and to the dance.

Our neighbors across the street were nice enough to let us take pictures in their backyards.

I was a little nervous when they all gathered at the end of the dock as I wasn't sure if it was built to support this many kids all standing on it at the same time.  So I turned on the video camera and figured if the dock collapsed I was at least going to capture a great YouTube moment.  But thankfully the dock held firm.

One of the kids ended up being the nephew of our other neighbor, so we were able to go on their deck to take pictures as well.  This patio is right on the lake and is brand new.  It was built on an existing cement structure because the DNR doesn't let you build new structures like this on the lake any more.  

The neighbors were then nice enough to let 15 strangers barge into their lovely living room and take photos in there as well.  Such nice neighbors.

I thought all the  boys looked very handsome and the girls looked beautiful in their dresses.  I'm sure Prom night was a bunch of fun.

The nice neighbor then pulled out all stops when they pulled their incredible Maserati out of the garage and let the kids get their pictures taken with that as well.

 It would have been a dream come true for the kids to actually drive to Prom in a car like this, but that didn't happen.  Maybe next year!

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