June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 19, 2016

It was Father's Day weekend 2016 and we had the opportunity to crash the BBQ of one of our favorite families, THE HORNBUCKLES!  Turns out, it was Dick and Vic's 49th wedding anniversary and they were having a get together with their family.  So Miss Sheri and I showed up to see if they would let us in and lucky for us, they didn't require a blood test or anything so we were in like flynn!

Happy Anniversary, Dick and Vic!

Turns out it was also Kim and Mike's 27th anniversary which is an amazing coincidence!

Happy Anniversary, Kim and Mike!!

Chad and Riann were also there, but I don't think it was their anniversary.  At least if it was, they didn't say anything.  I'm guessing it wasn't.

Chris and Teresa were not celebrating an anniversary, but may have been celebrating a birthday or two.  If they were, it was pretty overshadowed by all the anniversary stuff and the pre-father's day celebrations.  But just in case, Happy Birthdays, Chris and Teresa!

I didn't remember meeting Jason and Jen's dog, but I think it was the anniversary of the date they got him.  So Happy Anniversary Jason, Jen, and Crash!  They're all really good people them Hornbuckles!

Our weekends are starting to get interrupted by the boy's work schedules.  First Luke used to do it to us with his job at Dairy Queen, now Avery is doing it.  He just got a job at a local golf cart distributor called Versatile Vehicles and gets to drive golf carts around all day.  Sounds like my kind of job, but he tells me it's a lot of hard work also.  I'm not sure if I believe him or not.  We did get to meet his employers and they are very nice people and are building an incredible business in Prior Lake.  We look forward to seeing their success.

It was Luke's day off, but he got stuck working anyways.  He volunteered with the Prior Lake Robotics team, KING TeC and their annual hot dog sale at the local Lund's & Byerly's.  Them were some good brats he was selling!

We also got to see our good friend Sue which is always a nice way to spend a Saturday.

Saturday night we got to go to the graduation party of Ryan Brown.  Ryan is a rock star academic stud and will be heading to the University of Minnesota next fall.  He also won the Swank Family award for having the best pizza at his graduation party so he's got that going for him as well.

On Father's Day, we went to my favorite restaurant, Benihana, for a little Hibachi style cooking.  Now that's the way to take care of daddy!

Now that's a FIRE!

Happy Father's Day, Everyone!!

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