June 12, 2016

Prior Lake High School Graduation 2016

Prior Lake High School Graduation 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 12, 2016

Monday night we attended our last Scout Meeting of the year until next Fall.  Luke and Avery had the opportunity to participate in the awards ceremony which was fun to watch.  They both go into this summer working on their Eagle Scout projects.  We hope things go well for both of them since they only have a little more than a year to achieve their Eagles.

On Tuesday night, Miss Sheri and I attended an Advanced Screening for the movie Now You See Me 2.   It was fun because we bumped into an old co-worker of mine, Jeff, along with his son, Shane.  Seeing them was more exciting than seeing the movie.  We liked the first movie, but the sequel didn't do too much for us.  Except to give us an opportunity to cheat on our diets and eat a bunch of popcorn.

On Thursday at work, the Toastmasters Group I belong to had their annual officer elections which was interesting.  This is the new crew that will be running things for FY17.  I'm the VP of Education and I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

We've had a nice little heat wave roll through Minnesota this past week.  On hot nights, we like to hit the drive through at DQ and harass our son while he's working.  I like yelling at him through the intercom.  It's so much more fun than just yelling at him at home.

On Friday night, we attended the Prior Lake High School Class of 2016 Graduation Ceremony.  We figured we'd better have an understanding of how things work so we can be prepared for when our boys graduate high school next year.  It was pretty hot and crowded, so when we saw people we knew they said "Why the heck are you here?  Come back when your kids are graduating."

Of course, the reason we were there because our kid is in the band and we like to support him every chance we get.  Plus, I feel like I'm pretty cool when I go up to new people I meet and say, "I know someone in the band."  They always look at me kind of funny, but I'm sure it's just because they're so impressed with me.

Prior Lake High School is a pretty big school and they graduated 617 students this year.  It takes a long time to read 617 names.

On Saturday morning, we took Grandma Linda for a boat ride.  She likes that kind of thing.

It was pretty hot whenever we stopped the boat, but at least it wasn't raining.  Grandma Linda kept accusing us that it was raining, but we just humor her and let her play with the umbrella.  It seems to calm her down a bit.

We assumed these birds must be fighting, because they wouldn't look at each other the whole time we were watching them.  I really felt for them because I always hate to get the silent treatment.

We stopped by some other friends who graduated.  This is Nathan Wangness.  Nathan is going to go to NDSU to study a subject called Mecha-robotics or something like that.  Basically it's learning how to build and repair robot arms which sounds like it could come in really handy.  I've always wanted robot arms.

Krazy Kory spent the night Saturday night as a pit-stop for going to the airport early in the morning.  He was going on vacation and so came to be with us.  Because every time we get together, it's like a vacation of some kind.

It was the first time in quite awhile that we got to see Kory's son, Ben, who is here with his sister, Harli, and the boys.  I was shocked to see how much Ben now looks like Krazy Kory almost to the point where I had to do a double take when they walked into my house together.   It's kind of spooky.

On Sunday morning, we had the pleasure of having breakfast with Miss Sheri's cousin, Cindy, along with her husband, Jim, and her son, John.  The pancakes we enjoyed together were sublime.  

Sunday afternoon brought us to the graduation party of Braden Wojahn.  Braden is going to the University of Nebraska to play in the band and study bugs.  Hopefully not at the same time because that could get kind of gross.

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