September 11, 2016

A Couple of Golf Tournaments

A Couple of Golf Tournaments
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 11, 2016

We spent Labor Day with our old friends, Jeff and Cathy.  They have a party every year on this day.

The main focus of the party is Jeff creating delicious pizza after pizza and the rest of us devouring them.  It's a great annual tradition!

On Thursday, Oracle Direct Minneapolis had their annual charity golf tournament and bags tournament.  Since my bags game is slightly better than my golf game, I figured I'd sign up for that event.

Erin and I started at Oracle on the same day together and have been buddies ever since.  So I asked her to be my partner.  Our very first match I was excited to see we were going up against my boss, Will.  I notice it looks like he was going straight for my skull with this bean bag, so you can tell the match was pretty intense from the get go.

My friend, Orlando, was feeling pretty strong about his game, but we never had the chance to face off against each other.

Erin and I did surprisingly well despite the fact that Erin's partner really sucked.  We won 3 matches and lost 2 before we were doubly eliminated from the tournament.  We sure had fun, though.

These are the teams we played against:

On Friday night, I drove to Clear Lake, Iowa for the 10th annual Cabin Classic at Jason Alexander's place.  The usual crew was there and we all lamented the fact how quickly 10 years go by.  We drowned our sorrows with some fun hours spent playing cards and golf.  Then we weren't sad about the 10 years going by so fast any more.

We played 27 holes of golf in Thornton, Iowa.  The weather was great and we nearly had the golf course all to ourselves.  Couldn't ask for a much better tournament than that!

Luke and Avery had their Scout Master conferences which is one of the final steps they need to complete before they earn their rank of Eagle Scout.  We're so proud of them both for this accomplishment.

Scoutmaster Erickson has been so helpful to the boys and it was great hearing each of them chat with him while over-viewing their history in scouting and the things they enjoyed the most.  It feels like we just joined Cub Scouts not long ago, so it's pretty crazy hearing them sum up their years in scouting.  

Where does the time go?

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