September 4, 2016

Minnesota State Fair 2016

Minnesota State Fair 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 4, 2016

For some reason we went to the Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day weekend.  Every year I get excited to go to the fair because I love seeing all the neat stuff.  Every year I forget that there's a million other people who have the exact same idea which makes seeing all the neat stuff incredibly unpleasant because there's just too dang many people!

We arrived relatively early and stopped at the dog place to see all the dogs who are well trained and we wonder why our dogs aren't that well trained.  Then we feel guilty about our skills as pet owners.

We then go in the pet building and wait in long lines so we can pet other people's dogs.  Of course we have two dogs at home that we don't need to wait in line to pet, but that's not the same.  These are different dogs and they need to be petted as well.

We've been practicing petting dogs for a long time right now so when we have an opportunity to do it at the fair, we think we really know what we are doing.

Before we leave the pet building we like to stop by and watch the dog surgeries which they do behind a glass wall set up in front of several sets of bleachers.  Because watching dogs getting neutered is absolutely fascinating!

After watching dog surgeries for awhile, we find that we have built up incredible appetites that can only be satisfied with a pile of dough that has been deep fried and covered with powdered sugar.  

We then walk around the fair until we find more dogs to watch.  These were billed as stunt dogs!

I'm not sure if jumping off platforms into the water should qualify as a stunt or not.  I think they should have to be set on fire or something first before they can call it that.

After we get our fill of dogs, I like to walk through the buildings with arts and crafts.  My boys don't really enjoy it so I find myself having to walk relatively quickly.

I don't know a lot about art, but I do always find some different ones that inspire me.  

This one was called Busted.  Poor guy.

This piece makes me happy.  I guess it made others feel that way also judging from the big blue ribbon stuck to the top of it.

We went to some different buildings to see cool stuff people were selling.  This booth called "Me 3D" was selling realistic 3d printed figurines of people.  Unfortunately, they cost several hundred dollars each otherwise I would have been all over it!

We also always look at getting a hammock, but never end up pulling the trigger.  I'm sure they're not nearly as comfortable when you get them home.

We decided to go get some more food, but remembered that the other 999,000 people were there doing the same thing.  Can't believe how many cheese curds this joint must produce in a day.

But the biggest draw is Sweet Martha's Cookies!  We always gotta get a bucket of those before leaving and we're not alone.  According to the Star Tribune, in 2015 their management estimated they sold more than 1 million cookies every day!  That's a whole bunch of cookies.

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