February 12, 2017

Minneapolis RV Show 2017

Minneapolis RV Show 2017
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 12, 2017

On Saturday, we headed into downtown Minneapolis to the convention center for the 2017 RV show.  It's the largest collection of RVs in the 5 state area.

We went to the show with our good friends, the Zitzewitz Family.  They like climbing in and out of a bunch of RVs just as much as we do!

Miss Sheri and I plan on purchasing an RV when we get closer to retiring age.  She loves driving the big rigs.  But first we have some boys to get through college before we can spend money on something silly like this.

I love messing with the salesmen.  I sit in the bathroom like this until one of them sees me.  Then I smile and run out of there.

After the show, we ate dinner at Don Pablos.  It's really good Mexican food and we filled the table with a bunch of it.

On Sunday morning, we headed back to Minneapolis to the Academy of Holy Angels for the state table tennis tournament.

Holy Angels is the high school where Arizona Cardinals star receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, went to high school.  I also have friends who's kids attend this school, but this was my first chance for a visit.

There were high school table tennis teams from all over the state of Minnesota at the event and quite a few of them looked pretty tough!

This was Luke and Avery's first year joining the Prior Lake High School table tennis team.  They had quite a bit of fun with it.

Unfortunately for the Prior Lake team, they drew Moundsview in the first round and they have won the state championship each of the past two years.  Needless to say, our boys' first rounds were pretty tough matches.  But they still looked like they were having fun.

Luke had some good runs against his opponent and only lost his first match by a score of 8-11.  We didn't stick around for the whole tournament so we're hoping they each had better luck in their later matches.

Today is Miss Sheri and I's 23rd wedding anniversary and we celebrated it by going out to breakfast.  Because that's the kind of thing you do when you've been married for 23 years.

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