August 20, 2017

Nice Email of the Week - August 20, 2017

I used to publish nice emails that were sent to me from time to time.  You can see some of my favorites at this link.

I received this email the other day from a co-worker I haven't met yet.  I'm going to withhold his name since I haven't had the chance to talk to him yet, but I thought the message was a nice one to share with all of you:

Attitude of Gratitude

I don’t think that we have ever met, but I have been meaning to reach out. I came across your website a while back and found myself there for more than an hour. I wanted you to know that you have been an inspiration to myself and my girlfriend. Your strength, positivity, and your ability to constantly punch adversity in the face is absolutely mesmerizing. The bottom line is that you have inspired a new way of life for my girlfriend and I as we now remind ourselves to constantly live our lives with an “Attitude of Gratitude”. You and your family are a constant reminder to us of how powerful positivity can be. There seems to be only 1 Todd Swank in this world in a time where we could use millions more. For what it is worth, you are impacting the world in a positive way and I now ask myself if I am doing the same. You are truly an amazing person!

Take care and I hope you have an amazing week!

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