April 29, 2018

Battle for the Vox 2018

Battle for the Vox 2018
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 29, 2018

Last week I said that we hadn't seen our first Robin to tell us that Spring was here yet.  This week we saw it.  Sadly, there's still a little bit of snow behind him, but it's all gone now.  Thank God.

I flew down to Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday to go see some customers.  It was my first trip to Arkansas.  I thought it looked quite pretty from the plane.  Much greener than what I've been used to seeing in Minnesota lately.

After flying into Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, I went to my hotel on President Clinton drive.  OK, I get it.  The Clintons lived in Arkansas.  They are a pretty big deal and deserve to be honored I guess.  After checking in I walked around the neighborhood a bit.  I didn't catch the name of the park I entered or the river I was looking at, but guessing Bill River and Hillary Park.

I did like the pig fountain I stumbled upon.  I'm not sure why they have a pig fountain here, but I thought it was very nice.  I've always kind of thought that we don't do enough to honor pigs in Minnesota.  We gotta change that.

On Friday night, we had our good friends, Jen & Dan Walters, over for a hot tub party.  We always have a good time getting wet together.

It's so hard to believe, but Luke & Avery are already finishing up their first year of college.  Luke moved home this weekend and Avery will be home in a couple of weeks.  That time sure flew by and we are very excited to have them both home for the summer.

We grabbed Luke & Grandma Linda and headed up to see Avery at the University of Minnesota.  We had a special event planned for the evening.

We headed to Northrup Auditorium for the 2018 Battle for the Vox!  We were so excited to be there.

The Battle for the Vox is a competition between a capella singing groups from the University of Minnesota & the University of Wisconsin.  It's a play on the Battle of the Axe that occurs between the two university's football teams.  Although I have no idea what a Vox is.  Short for Voicebox?  I don't know, but that sounds good to me.

If you've ever seen the movie Pitch Perfect, then you know what the competition is all about.  Different teams perform their version of popular songs using nothing but their voices and funky dance moves.  There were 9 teams in the competition some were all male, some all females, and some were coed.  They were all pretty dang good and we had the joy of sitting through 28 songs in 7 rounds each with different themes.  

We were there to root for the Enchantments.  They are an all female team from the University of Minnesota.  They competed in 3 of the rounds and were pretty awesome.

Avery's girlfriend, Emma, is a member of the group and is just a joy to watch.  She's only a freshman, but has all the confidence in the world.  We were so glad she invited us to the show because it was a whole bunch of fun.

The event lasted about three hours and in the end, the University of Minnesota pulled out a victory over their competition from Wisconsin.  I don't think the trophy was that big of a deal, though. All the groups were great and it looked like everyone was having a blast performing.  

Emma had a pretty big cheering section there to support her.  

We had a lot of fun at the Battle for the Vox.  I highly recommend coming next year if you're in the area.

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