April 8, 2018

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show 2018

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show 2018
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 8, 2018

It was Empty Nester Club Get Together Time again and this month we met at The Pointe in Prior Lake.  A good time was had by all.  At least I think a good time was had by all.  I didn't see anyone crying or anything.

Sue and Ron showed up a little late because they were out celebrating their 21st anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, Sue & Ron!!

It's April 8 and we still have way too much snow on the ground in my backyard.  Even worse, we still have snow coming down with more in the forecast as far out as next weekend.  Maybe we just won't have a Spring this year.

In order to get our minds off the crappy weather we are experiencing, we thought we should go to the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show to brighten our moods.  Karl & Tina Zitzewitz were happy to join us.  At least I think they were happy.  I didn't see them crying or anything.

I noticed right when we arrived that there were a lot of pretty flowers and things made to look like we were outside in nice weather.  I started thinking maybe we made the right call.

Tables with fire-pits built into them seem to be gaining in popularity.  There were quite a few displays featuring them.  Maybe we should invest in one of these if that snow isn't going away soon.

This show was pretty huge with tons of different businesses showcasing their wares.  We were determined to visit all of them.

We already have an outside bathtub at home, but it's still fun imagining taking baths with new people in different kinds of tubs.

I'd like to have sheet metal decorations in my yard, but then I remember that I like to run around a lot and am kind of klutzy.  With my luck, I'd run smack dab into the side of one of these things and cut myself in half.

Not sure why these guys with bows and arrows were hanging around at the home and garden show.  People must hire them if they have real bad bunny and squirrel problems.

I'd like to get a closet like this, but I just don't have nearly enough shoes to fill it up.

Karl and I spent a lot of time together just sitting there and admiring all the pretty flowers.

There were pink ones, purple ones, and a whole bunch of green ones.  

I need to crash an old car in my backyard and then build a waterfall out of it.  This looks really nice.

Miss Sheri asked me to buy her this dress.  I told her we should wait a week or so for the flowers to die because I'm sure then we could get a real nice discount on it.

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