April 28, 2019

Another Week of Monkeying Around

Another Week of Monkeying Around
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 28, 2019

We didn't have much happening this week other than the opening of  the greatest movie of all time*. (*Per Avery)  We bought tickets to Avengers Endgame for the opening night on Thursday so there was no way anyone could get us with spoilers.  The boys both came from college so we could all see it together.   We did have a good time watching it even if I'm getting really, really burned out on superhero movies.  I mean it was fine, but goodness you need an encyclopedia to keep track of all the characters and subplots happening in these movies.  Can Endgame please be the end of it for awhile?  I doubt it.

Our old buddies, Karl & Tina Zitzewitz, invited us over for dinner on Friday night and we were quite excited to join them.

Karl was very happy to have the opportunity to show off his meat.  I actually must admit, I found it to be very pleasant.

Tina is quite the snake lady.  I don't mean anything derogatory or anything.  I'm just saying she has a pet corn snake.

They were nice enough to wait for us to come over to feed their snake.  It eats mice which in general I find to be pretty nasty.  These were very hygienic dead mice, though.  They come in a little box and everything with a label that says dead mice on it.  

It was quite the sight to witness.  She held the mouse on some tongs and the snake snatched it out in a second.  Then it unhinged it's jaw and slowly worked the rodent down it's throat.  I'm sure glad I'm not a mouse.

We were happy to see one of our albino squirrels this week and apparently he was pretty happy to see us also.

We had our first turtle sighting of the year.  Poor thing looks like he was born without front legs, though.  Must be tough climbing up that log with just his neck.

We saw this pretty bird in the lake which I believe is a Great Egret.  They are known to develop a green facial skin during breeding season.  I'm sure glad that doesn't happen to me every time I'm feeling frisky.

The best thing that happened to me this week was while doing some cleaning in the basement.  We're destroying old boxes of archives and in one last opened in 1995, I discovered a letter from my dad who passed away almost 11 years ago.  I was 24 when he sent me this Richie Rich comic book with a note saying "Some of my best times was getting Richie Rich for you...I know you have outgrown these, but I never did, so hope you enjoy it.  Love, Dad"  I thought that was pretty nice.

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