April 7, 2019

The Hot Seat of Spring

The Hot Seat of Spring
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 7, 2019

April is a deceiving month in Minnesota.  It feels like Spring is here, but it's also cold and gloomy enough that you just have the feeling that another blizzard may be just around the corner.  The ice continues to disappear from Prior Lake, but there's still a big section that is covered.  I'm sure it will be all gone in another week.

These guys weren't going to wait for all the ice to thaw, they were ready to get their jet-skis out.  That water has to be dang cold!

This wood duck must have been scared of the jet skis because he was camping out high in our tree.  Poor wood duck.

We saw this friendly blue heron while out on one of our walks this week.  Just kidding about him being friendly.  He barely let me get close enough to get this picture before skedaddling out of there.  

I was lucky enough to have lunch with my old buddy, Mike Miller, this week.  He likes to laugh and pray a lot.

I won some free advance screening movie tickets on Wednesday so I dragged Grandma Linda out with me to stand in line to see it.  I think she likes standing in lines.

I was excited to see the re-make of Pet Semetary as I read the book in high school and have always been a fan of Stephen King.  Unfortunately, it was pretty stupid.  Just too many things that the characters do which made me think people would never do that in real life.  Can't we get a realistic movie about a haunted Pet Cemetary?

On Saturday night, we checked out Lakeville Brewing Company and were quite delighted with the food and beer choices.  Judging by the crowd that was there throughout the evening, it seems to be a pretty popular place.

We were there with our old buddies, Karl & Tina Zitzewitz.  They're always fun to hang out with on a Saturday night.

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