June 23, 2019

Basset Hound Racing at Canterbury Downs

Basset Hound Racing at Canterbury Downs
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 23, 2019

Our good friends, Ross and Robyn Thompson, have 4 basset hounds.  So when Canterbury Downs announced they were hosting basset hound races again this year, they were quick to enter the competition.  We went to the park to cheer them on.

We planned to watch from the stands, but they had two dogs competing in different races.  So they needed some help with watching the spare dog while the other raced.  We were happy to help them out especially since it meant we'd get to go on the field during the race.

Voice of the Vikings Paul Allen is a big fixture at the racetrack and was calling the dog races as well, so we had the opportunity to bump shoulders with him a couple of times.  

Our old buddy, Will Easton, brought his family to the track to root on Ross and his dogs.  It's always good to see Will.

Father's Day at the racetrack brings out a big crowd and the stands really filled up when the puppies came out.  Who doesn't love to see untrained dogs competing against one another in a race?

Avery decided that he didn't want to be seen out on the track with his parents, so found a nice family he could hang out with during the race.  Those Heile's are such neat people.

Suki was their first dog to race followed by Mabel.  Robyn stayed in the gates until the countdown to Go and Ross waited at the finish line trying to get the pups to race to him as fast as they could.  Of course given the facts that there were also 8 other dogs running at the same time along with a huge crowd of people cheering, not many of the dogs did what they were supposed to but it sure was fun to watch!

The dogs were all hyped up and full of adrenaline waiting for the signal.  I think there may have been some dog treats involved as well, so I'm sure that helped get their attention.

Both of their dogs did really well, but unfortunately neither finished in the top 2 of their heats.  So they don't get to advance to the grand finale races on Labor Day weekend.  Better luck next year, Thompson Family!!

 Afterwards, the family and I went to Benihana to celebrate Father's Day.  Hope all you awesome dads out there had a great day!!

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