September 15, 2019

Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta Falcons

Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta Falcons
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 15, 2019

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to go see the Minnesota Vikings home opener.  We're huge Vikings fans so we were very excited to be there.  US Bank Stadium is an awesome venue to watch a game.

My boss was kind enough to give us his tickets which were incredible seats and the best spots from where which we'd ever had the chance to see a game.  Thanks, boss.

The place was rocking and the explosion went off to signify the game was about to begin!

It was the defense's turn to be introduced which makes sense because they are an elite unit and one of the best in the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons started with the ball and Matt Ryan was sacked on the very first play.  We were in for a great game.

Our offense played well for the way the game set-up.  

Kirk Cousins only had 10 passes, but the run game and defense were going so well that's all he needed to do.

Dalvin Cook was unstoppable.  He had 111 yards and 2 touchdowns.  I'm so glad I drafted him for my fantasy team.

The game was going so well even Cousins had the chance to run one in to the end-zone.

Coach Zimmer had to be pleased with how the game was going with the possible exception of the 11 penalties for 100 yards.  Coaches never seem to like that kind of stuff very much.

We've had a lot of drama at the kicker position lately, but Dan Bailey has seemed to be pretty consistent.  He didn't have any field goal opportunities this week, but was 4-4 on extra points.  So we won't cut him this week.

Everyone was pretty excited when the Vikings ran the score up to 28-0.  The Falcons did come back to make it a final score of 28-12, but it was pretty obvious the Vikings dominated.  I can't wait to see how they do next week in Green Bay!  I'm sure Kirk Cousins will be dominant in that one.

This weekend we stayed close to home.  The weather warmed up on Sunday so we thought we'd better get the boat out again because who knows how many more chance we'll get before the lake freezes.

We brought Blue with us even though he stresses Miss Sheri out quite a bit.  She keeps thinking he's going to jump off the boat into the water.  He does do some pretty stupid stuff like climbing on to the back and the sides of the boat, but he hasn't fallen in yet.  Besides, he's a really good swimmer.  

We wanted to see what kind of nature we'd see and weren't disappointed.  This was one of three bald eagles we saw while we were out there.

Our favorite nesting island seemed pretty abandoned and we figured all of the birds had migrated away for the winter, but then we saw this great blue heron just standing there all by himself.  I'm sure he's looking for a party.

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