April 5, 2020

Week 3 in Quarantine

Week 3 in Quarantine
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 5, 2020

We continue seeking new ways to entertain ourselves as we hit week 3 of quarantine.  The hot tub is getting quite a bit more use than it's had in awhile.  We even relaxed the rules on allowing our golden retriever, Blue, to get into the hot tub with us.  Despite our thinking for years that the dog had a strong desire to join us in the hot tub, we discovered that he has absolutely zero interest in doing so.  We've always told him No whenever we thought he might be interested in jumping in the water, but when we finally said yes and tried to encourage him to jump in with us, we found out that there is no way in heck is he going to get into that water.  Maybe it's too hot for him.

I was pretty shocked that he wouldn't get into the hot tub, because swimming is one of his favorite things to do in the world.  Lucky for him, the ice finally went out on the lake this weekend so he was able to get some in anyways.  Despite the water being only 45 degrees or so, he had not a moment of hesitation before he jumped in and was ready to chase the ball as long as we would let him do it.  We might be stuck at home, but at least Spring is finally coming so we can enjoy our outside time.

Now I just need to find something like swimming to keep my boys as entertained as the dog.  It's kind of interesting for them to be finishing their college semesters at home the past couple of weeks because we haven't been around them during study season for quite some time.  I'm actually pretty happy with their study habits so far although we've all been getting inundated with much more screen time than we've had before.  It's video game season for all of us!

We called the DNR on these geese this week.  They are standing way too close to each other for proper social distancing and we know they don't live in the same house together.  This just isn't safe for anyone.

I never thought I'd see the day when our state government would deem our local playground to be too dangerous to play on.  One less thing available to keep me entertained.

We did complete a new 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle this week.  So we got that going for us.  Which is nice.

It's funny how suddenly video calling is becoming a much bigger part of our lives than it was before the virus hit.  I had the opportunity to see Krazy Kory's new puppy, Luna.  The silly dog wasn't very cooperative at posing for the webcam, though.  He's going to have to work on that with her.

We had our first virtual Quarantine & Chill Happy Hour with a few of our fellow Prior Lake Empty Nester Club members.  It's amazing how much fun it is to just have a few drinks with friends again.  I look forward to the day when we can actually go into a restaurant together once more, but in the meantime this ain't so bad.  

Stay safe everyone!  Hopefully we won't have to do this too much longer.   

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