September 13, 2020

Back to Boring - 2020 Edition

 Back to Boring - 2020 Edition

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 13, 2020

Our second child has flown the coop.  Avery went back to finish his senior year of college at the University of Minnesota and was quite excited to be getting out back on his own again.  

Miss Sheri and I had become quite accustomed to being empty nesters, but then the pandemic brought our boys home to live with us again for the past 6 months.  Sure there were some issues with us being secluded together for so long, but we also had more family time these past several months that was priceless.  Now that both boys are have moved out of the house, it's Back to Boring for us!

Since this was our first time through Minneapolis in months, we thought we'd drive over to see the George Floyd Memorial.  Unfortunately, the streets are blocked off so we couldn't get close enough to see it.  We considered parking, but we had a big trailer attached to our truck and couldn't figure out where to park it.  So our visit will have to wait until the next time we're down there.

We drove around the city and saw some of the remains of the destroyed buildings.  It was sad to see, but nothing you haven't seen on the news for the past few months.  

We are back to doing our daily walks for excitement.  The dog is in better shape than he's been in years.

Blue is happy to be the center of attention again.  It gives us more opportunity to take him swimming which he is always ready to do.

We're also spending more time stalking the critters that we encounter in the yard.  Is that a red-headed woodpecker in your grass or are you just excited to see me?

"I gotta tell you.  You guys have the best nuts in all of Prior Lake."

The highlight of my week was going to Mystic Lake Casino and bumping into my old buddies, the Hornbuckle Clan.  What a pleasant surprise!

I haven't seen the Hornbuckles since Kim and Mike's going away party back in February.  I miss these people.  We always have such fun together.

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