September 20, 2020

It's a Puppy Party!


It's a Puppy Party!
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 20, 2020

Blue's mother & brother came to spend the weekend with us.  It makes the house a little crazier than normal, but we're always up for a puppy party!!

To top it off, Luke decided to come home for the weekend giving us our first overnight visit with him since he went to college more than a month ago.  We were ready to get nuts!

For us any more, getting nuts means we're going to a restaurant to have breakfast at night!!  If you live in Prior Lake, be sure to give Ze's Diner a try.  Great food and great service!

This is a street Miss Sheri and I use every day on our daily walks.  Something sad happened this week and the dang colors of the leaves changed from green to red and yellow.  That can only mean one thing.  Winter is coming.

We're having the boat winterized this week so thought it would be nice to take it out for one more spin before locking it up for another season.  The weather was actually pretty nice, so we had a pleasant ride.

We rode past our favorite bird island, but discovered the whole place has been abandoned.  I guess we're not the only empty nesters out there.

Since all our favorite birds have apparently gone south for the winter, we had to resort to taking pictures of the seagulls.  We normally don't pay much attention to them, but I did like how a few of our pictures turned out.  

There were a ton of them gathered around the throne called Poop Rock.  Although I think the one who actually stands on this shouldn't get to consider it an honor of any sort.  His feet must feel disgusting.

The next time we drove by the gulls, they were all flocking to a spot in the middle of the lake and diving down into the water for some reason.  We drove over to the spot to see what all the fuss was about and of course we didn't see anything in the water.  Silly birds.

I must admit, even though it means that summer is over, I do find it beautiful to see the changing colors.  It looks like God tripped over a shelf full of paint buckets and spilled it all over us.

On our ride home, we heard someone shout my name so we stopped to see who it was.  It was none other than Prior Lake Mayor, Kirt Briggs, and his wife, Heidi.  They have a really cool boat.  I told him we were excited to support him in November and he responded that he is running unopposed.  I guess that should make things easier, but please vote for him anyways!

It was a beautiful ride on the lake!  How long until next summer?

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