March 28, 2021

A Visit To Camping World


A Visit To Camping World
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 28, 2021

Spring is slowing creeping it's way to Minnesota.  In Prior Lake we measure it's progress by how quickly the ice disappears from the lake.  We didn't quite get rid of all the ice this week, but it's pretty darned close.

With the ice opening up, our bird friends start making appearances again.  We missed the blue herons in our lives.

Apparently this guy didn't miss us, however, as he sure didn't want to stand around and pose for my pictures.  A little bit stuck up I guess.

On Friday we enjoyed some chicken wings that were pretty wild and straight outta Buffalo.  Our good friends the Walters Brothers and their lovely wives joined us for the feast.  A good time was had by all.

We've been driving by this new Camping World and the "Largest Indoor RV Showroom" in Southwest Minnesota kept calling my name, so we finally stopped by for a visit.  Plus it was too rainy and crappy for one of our hikes so I had to figure out something I could talk about on the website this week.  

We keep kicking around the idea of buying a trailer or an RV.  We like to go on adventures so it seems like it would be a good fit for our lifestyles. We just have a lot of questions.

In the meantime, they're really fun to look at and imagine the possibilities.  One of these days we'll step in there and get one.  Then we'll have more exciting things to blog about other than our boring shopping experiences.

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