March 7, 2021

Here Comes The Sun


Here Comes The Sun

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 7, 2020

Luke came home this week and was greeted with temperatures in Minnesota climbing into the fifties.  We thought going to Cleary Lake Park would be a good way to celebrate.

The park was hopping with many people thinking like we were.  It's warming up so it's time to get outside and suck in that fresh air.  Now we just gotta get rid of that snow on the ground and we'll be in business.

There's still no signs of leaves on the trees so it's not quite Spring yet.  I'm pretty sure it's coming, though.

We bumped into our old friends, Marsha & Bob Jacobson, who we haven't seen since the pandemic started.  They told us the news they are planning to move away from Minnesota soon which is kind of a bummer for us, but we're happy for them!!  Weird how much can change in a year.

Avery came home on Saturday night so we had the chance to see both of our boys for the first time in a couple of months.    I think this was the longest period of time we've ever gone without seeing either of our sons.  It was way too long.  We picked right up where we left off, though, and had a good ole time.

We drove through Downtown Minneapolis after picking up Avery at the University of Minnesota and saw that the courthouse has been completely encircled with barbed wire fences.  The trial of one of the officers charged with murdering George Floyd starts this week.  It looks like we are setting up for another crazy couple of months in the Twin Cities.

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