May 2, 2021

Our First Boat Ride of 2021


Our First Boat Ride of 2021
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 2, 2021

We were able to go watch our first live sporting event since the pandemic started this week.  We saw the Prior Lake Lakers take on the Burnsville Blaze in a varsity lacrosse match.

We were there to root on our buddy, Connor Walters, who plays goalie for the Lakers.  That boy is a beast!!

We had fun hanging out with Connor's parents in the stands.  Danno went without a blanket which I think makes him look pretty macho in this picture.

I suppose he was looking macho to me all evening after he gave me a ride in his cool jeep.  Riding in it just puts me in a good mood over-all for some reason.

Luke came home for a couple of nights this week to get some work done.  Hanging around with this guy puts me in a good mood overall as well.

Blue met a turtle on one of our walks this week.  He did not know what to think of it.  I think he was very surprised to discover there was something alive in that shell.  We thought about keeping him as a pet for Blue, but those dang things live a really long time so we just walked away from it instead.

It hit 82 degrees on Saturday, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to get out for our first boat ride of 2021.  Our first stop was Bird Island in Mud Bay on Prior Lake.  It's amazing to see dozens & dozens of nesting birds.

There's all sorts of breeds including heron and cormorants.  I always wonder if they sometimes mess up and land in the wrong nest.  I'm sure the mamas would get annoyed if they brought in some good food and ended up giving it to the wrong babies.

There also seems to be some serious territorial battles happening throughout the day.  You'll see different birds swooping in and out and bashing into one another.  That has to be a little unnerving when you're just trying to lay some eggs.

I always love the egrets with their pretty green eyes.  But those spider webs they get all over their backs have to be pretty annoying.

Somebody told me this week that Geese are the Carp of the sky.  I thought that was a pretty neat description, but I don't think carp babies are anywhere near this cute.

We saw this little guy nesting way off in the distance and we're not quite sure what he is.  He looks like a baby bald eagle to me, but there's enough things that are different from what I normally see in bald eagles that it makes me think I'm probably wrong.  I'm hoping one of you bird geniuses can set the record straight for me.

Here's a TikTok Video of Bird Island.


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