January 23, 2022

Another Week Stuck in the Freezer


Another Week Stuck in the Freezer
Todd Swank's Diary Update for January 23, 2022

The winter blahs have set in the past couple of weeks.  Temperatures have stayed below zero for the most part so we need to really motivate ourselves to go outside.  Blue doesn't seem to be affected by the cold and continues to demand we take him out for walks.  As a compromise, we take him for games of fetch on the frozen lake.  We don't last very long and the ball gets lost in the snow a lot, but it's better than nothing.

 One of our fox friends wandered by the house the other day and I snapped this photo of him in our neighbor's driveway.  I'm not sure why he's keeping his eyes closed, but guessing he's squinting from looking at the bright snow.  Poor guy needs some sunglasses.

One of the way we get out of the house is by attending Timberwolves games.  On Sunday night, their opponent was the Golden State Warriors.

Minneapolis has re-instituted a mask mandate for all public events so Miss Sheri and I were excited to have the opportunity to wear these again.

The Wolves used to always play a game on MLK day, but not this year.  So we were lucky to be part of this year's celebration the evening before.

When I bought these tickets, I was excited to have the opportunity to watch Steff Curry play.  Naturally he was injured a few days before and wouldn't be in the line-up for tonight's game.  Draymond Green was also not available to play.  We should get some kind of refund from our ticket prices when this happens.  Like that will ever happen.

At least we'd get to watch the other member of the Splash Brothers Duo.  Klay Thompson was playing again after being injured for 31 months.  We were excited to see if he'd make a big impact in the game.

We were also looking forward to the return of Andrew Wiggins.  He's a former TWolf and one of our favorites when he played here.  He seemed pretty happy to be on the court as the game started.

Warriors Coach, Steve Kerr,  didn't look quite as happy to be here. I'll always remember Kerr as a player on the Chicago Bulls during their championship years with Jordan.  He was an awesome 3 point shooter.  

I'm not sure what Karl was explaining to D'Angelo, but he certainly seemed to be considering it.

He might have been explaining to him the proper way to shout out things before taking free throws.  I can't be sure.

The Timberwolves played really well and ended up winning the game by a score of 119 to 99.  They're a good young team and I'm hopeful this may be our year to return to the playoffs.  Go Wolves!

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