June 26, 2022

Chris Rock at Mystic Lake Casino


Chris Rock at Mystic Lake Casino

Todd Swank's Diary Update for June 26, 2022

On Friday night, we joined our good friends, Orlando and Nancy Mazzolini, to see Chris Rock perform at Mystic Lake Casino.  Unfortunately big name comedians are now using a new technology called "Yondr Bags" which are handed out at the gates of the show.  They're basically big pouches with specialized locks where you're forced to store your phone, smartwatch, camera, & any other electronics you try to bring in the door so no photos or recordings of any kind are allowed.  So this is the only picture of the event that I have.  That being said, the show was amazing!  There was an opener who's name I can't recall, but he was pretty funny and quite raunchy.  I'm sure that's to set the stage for Chris who's own act is quite controversial as well.  I was pretty impressed with his set.  He went on for nearly 2 hours with all new material.  A lot of it was very topical and on point regarding today's society.  He didn't say much about the Will Smith experience other than that "He's not a victim" in context of him making fun of other celebrities who like to play the victim.  His main example was Megan Markle, but he went after a lot of celebrities & politicians in his show.  We had a bunch of fun and I highly recommend going to see him if he comes to your town.

It's been unseasonably hot in Minnesota the past couple of weeks, but we still like to get our outside entertainment in.  We had a family round of golf.  This is a time when the family all takes turns making me look bad on the golf course.  One of these days my game will improve!

I don't think God intended for me to be a good golfer.  
But that's OK.  I'm sure I'll figure out what He wanted me to be doing instead any day now.

Avery came within a club's length of a hole in one on #3 which I thought was worth commemorating.  

And yes, he did make the birdie putt.

Birdie is the Wordie.

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