October 23, 2022

The New Look Minnesota Timberwolves are Back in Action


The New Look Minnesota Timberwolves are Back in Action

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 23, 2022

On Friday night we went to Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis.  Our Minnesota Timberwolves are Back in Action!

We had so much fun going to games last year that I decided to buy a membership this year.  It is similar to being a season ticket holder except we only go to a quarter of the home games instead of all of them.  I bought two seats and Luke was excited to join me for the first game.

The Timberwolves made a lot of noise in the offseason by trading a bunch of their young players and future draft picks to land All Star Center, Rudy Gobert.  We were excited to see what the big man could do for the team.

It's an interesting strategy as the team already has an all-star center in Karl Anthony Towns.   Karl has been one of our favorites over the past few years, but he really shines when lighting up the scoreboard and dropping threes.  Rudy should help take some of the pressure off him when they're playing against other big guys around the league and let them use their size as an advantage.

We lost a lot of good young players in the trade including Jarred Vanderbilt who has a real solid future in this league.  Rudy looks extremely solid, but it's a big risk if it doesn't work out the way team management has planned.

We also had our first glimpse of rookie, Walker Kessler, who the Wolves traded for during the NBA draft but included in the trade for Gobert.  He would have been an interesting fit for the team.  He's pretty raw, but also a big guy and looked pretty solid for the few minutes he played.  

We love Anthony Edwards especially after seeing him in Adam Sandler's Netflix movie, Hustle, this past summer.  He's always had a great personality, but it was fun to see his comedic side in what we all thought was a pretty good movie.  Hopefully he doesn't go Hollywood on us and demand to be traded to the Lakers in a couple years.

Another new player we were excited to watch was Kyle Anderson.  Unfortunately he left the game before he ever started playing with what we heard later was back spasms.  When I later saw this picture of him in the pre-game huddle with his eyes rolled back in his head, I discovered the actual truth.  He had been possessed by a demon and had to go to the locker-room to receive an exorcism.

The Wolves started hot and dominated the Jazz leading the first quarter by a score of 41 to 26.  It was pretty much all downhill from there.

Halftime was fun.  They had a bunch of puppies racing each other up and down the floor.  I love puppies!

The Wolves didn't look all that sharp during the rest of the game.  I don't know if they're still trying to figure out where Gobert fits in with the rest of the team or if the Jazz were especially jazzed up knowing many of them were all traded for one guy.  They crawled out from their first quarter hole and led much of the game until the Wolves forced the game into overtime.

We didn't do great in overtime and ended up losing the game by a score of 132 to 126.  It was only the second game of the season so too early to read much into anything.  I'm excited to see how good they can be when they start figuring out team chemistry.  They're gonna be hard to beat!

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