August 13, 2023

13th Annual Savanah Bradshaw Memorial Golf Tournament


13th Annual Savanah Bradshaw Memorial Golf Tournament
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for August 13, 2023

We were awoken at 6:15am on Wednesday to a loud crack.  Our fears were realized when we looked out the window to see one of our old basswood trees had snapped and came crashing down.  We've lived in this house for 22 years, always worried about this tree falling and it finally did.  The really sad thing is we had already contracted a tree service to remove it which was scheduled for late August.  

Unlike a tree that fell on us two years ago, this time we sustained no property damage.  I wish the same could be said for our neighbor's house.

On Saturday, we drove down to Clear Lake, Iowa for the 13th annual Savanah Bradshaw Memorial Golf Tournament at Oak Hills Golf Course.

Savanah was the daughter of our good friends, Jason & Julie Bradshaw.  This is the 13th time they've hosted this tournament in the last 14 years with one missed due to Covid.  They put in countless hours staging an amazing day of golf, a silent auction, and other fun activities.  They also raise a lot of money for charity in the process.  

They had a record number of entrants this year.  120 golfers competed in 30 different foursomes which kept the course very busy.

Miss Sheri and I hosted a booth at Hole#5.  She sold jello shots and I dealt blackjack for a 50/50 drawing.  We were quite popular and kept busy for the entire day.

We love getting back to Clear Lake and running into old friends.

Some people accused us of slowing down the rate of play, but there's no way I'm going to see all of these fun people and not get pictures with them!

I went to high school with all of these fellows.  Most of us still act like we're still there.

We can't take a picture of the boys without getting one of the ladies.

We didn't get to spend any time with our boys this weekend, but my good friend Jen sent me this picture of Luke hanging out with some friends.

Avery and Abby spent the weekend in Panama City, Florida.  I thought this was a pretty fun picture so I stole it from them.

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