August 6, 2023

Staying Cool is a Summer Rule


Staying Cool is a Summer Rule 

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for August 6, 2023

It's been a hot, muggy summer.  In Minnesota we don't ever want to complain about the heat because it feels like winter is always a day away, so instead we try to find ways to stay cool.  One of my favorites is going out in the boat and jumping in the lake.  On Monday night, Karl & Tina were happy to join us for the adventure.

We always like to pay homage to Bird Island when we get out on Prior Lake.  I kind of felt they may have moved on already since I believe mating and baby season is pretty much over.  To my surprise though, the nests were still quite full with a wide mix of cormorants and egrets.  Maybe they're going for a sequel to mating season this year.  That's probably what I'd be doing if I were them.

Speaking of birds, I'm always amazed by the number of wild turkeys we see out and about.  When I was a kid, I don't remember seeing a wild turkey ever.  Now it's almost a daily occurrence.  There's flocks of them all over!  We might need to start having a second Thanksgiving around these parts to thin them out.

We made our third journey to Mayo Clinic in Rochester in the past two weeks on Thursday.  This time it was Luke's turn for his 6 month check-up with his cardiologist and hepatologist.  It was really good to see both of their faces without masks for the first time in about 3 years.  I'm so pleased to report that Luke is doing as good as possible and everything is stable for him.  Which is always an answered prayer for our family!

Avery also had a big week when he moved out of his house where he was living with Luke and friends and into a new apartment in Eagan with his girlfriend, Abby.  She had to work on Friday night so we went over to help him set-up some of his furniture.

We're really impressed with their new place.  Not only is the apartment beautiful, it also has some incredible amenities to entertain guests.  I'm hoping that includes his father sometime real soon.

Friends in Prior Lake, I'd like to recommend visiting Whisky Inferno after 9pm to take advantage of their half price steak and whiskey specials.  They're SOOO good.  Maybe we'll even see you there some night!
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