March 3, 2024

Trekking the High Road at the Minnesota Zoo


Trekking the High Road at the Minnesota Zoo
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 3, 2024

It's Super Tuesday this week!  That means primary elections for presidential candidates in Minnesota.  We had the opportunity to go see Nikki Haley speak when she came to our area on Monday night.

Before anyone criticizes me for my choice of candidate, I'd like to say the following. I've never pushed my political opinions on anyone with my blog or in my social media postings. I don't see the value in it. That being said, I'd like to consider myself to be very open minded. I'll listen to anyone's ideas how to make our world a better place. I would have gone to see any of the major candidates under similar circumstances whether it be Biden, Trump, or that Teddy Kennedy guy. Bottom line is I love to get my picture with famous people and jump at the chance when given the opportunity!

Friday night brought us to Target Center again for another Timberwolves game.  

Miss Sheri agreed to accompany me again.  I'm so glad she's still willing to do that!  Honestly, she's probably a bigger fan than I am.

And yes, I was able to get our picture up on the big screen again.  Apparently not a lot of people try to do this otherwise I'm just really lucky in this one area in life.

Miss Sheri loves to capture photos of the players while smiling.  Jaden McDaniels doesn't seem to do that very often so she was quite excited when she was able to capture this one.

We take lots and lots of pictures during games to try to get a handful of good ones.  I found this one really interesting despite the lighting challenges it apparently experienced.

The game itself was kind of a bust.  Anthony Edwards left at half time because apparently he had the opportunity to witness the birth of his child.  The team seemed a bit lost without him and went on to lose in overtime to the Kings by a score of 124 - 120.  Kind of a bummer.

It was a balmy 74 degrees on Sunday which is pretty much unheard of on March 3 in Minnesota.  We figured we'd better take advantage and hooked up with the kids for a trip to the Minnesota Zoo.

We'd been wanting to go there since they opened the new "Treetop Trail" last summer.  Many years ago they had a Monorail running through the zoo which hadn't been used in a long time since it was too expensive to maintain.  They finally decided to do something about it and redesigned the track into a new 1.25 mile walking trail that goes around the zoo and several of the animal exhibits.  It's pretty cool.

I don't know if it was the warm weather or the fact that so many people were traversing through their territories, but many of the animals seemed to be active and willing to pose for photographs.  Normally when we go there all the animals are sleeping near a back fence somewhere.

Even the Minnesota Lynx who was laying down giving herself a bath when we arrived, stood up, walked out of her den, and gave us a big stretch and a yawn.  She then turned around and went back to laying down on her bed again, but it was nice she stepped out to say Hi.

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