March 24, 2024

The Valspar Golf Tournament in Tampa Bay


The Valspar Golf Tournament in Tampa Bay

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 24, 2024

I went to Tampa Bay for a couple of nights this week.  It's a lot more green than what it looks like in Minnesota currently.

I stayed at a hotel called the Current.  I like to be on the beach whenever I get a chance.  Even though I ended up working in my room most of the time I was there, it was still nice to walk in the sand for a while.

I arrived a couple hours before my room was ready, but I heard a brand new rooftop restaurant had opened called Casa Cami.  They had good flautas and fries.  The view was pretty awesome as well.  

The hotel has a little private beach and I was surprised to see it was almost empty.  I figured work could wait a few minutes while I went down to check it out for awhile.

I was so excited walking up on a couple of horseshoe crabs laying in the sand.  My excitement quickly waned when I noticed neither one of them moved even a little.  I flipped the big guy over and discovered their shoeing horses days were over.  That made me sad.

The reason for my trip was to attend the first day of the Valspar Golf Tournament.  It's held at Innisbrook Resort's Copperhead Course and is billed as the most colorful PGA TOUR® event. Honestly I think they say that because it's sponsored by a paint company. I looked around and it looked to be the same colors as any other golf tournaments I've attended.

I went to the tournament to host my customer, Troy. Troy is always very easy to find in a crowded room. Between us is my co-worker, Michele, who coordinated this amazing event for us.

We were in the Snake Pit Club which overlooks the 18th Tee. It's really tempting to yell out the word "Noonan" during the golfer's backswing, but I contained myself as I'm sure that wouldn't come across as being very professional.

We also were able to sit right next to the 17th green. It's always amazing watching professionals play and witness some of the incredible shots they make.  
@toddswank Birdie Putt! #valspar #golf #birdie ♬ original sound - Goldenfilmz🎞🌼

 We also had a chance to visit the ZOA tent to get some Big D Energy.  Big Dwayne Energy that is.

On Saturday we had the honor of attending the 80th birthday of one of the greatest neighbors out there.  Happy Birthday, Jim Ingvalson!

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