April 28, 2024

QB or Not QB: That Was the Viking Question


QB or Not QB: That Was the Viking Question
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 28, 2024

Thanks to all of you who've been praying for my mother, Grandma Linda.  We were bracing ourselves for a challenging knee replacement surgery but it ended up being even more complicated.  We later discovered she had a heart attack during the procedure and needed to get a couple of stents placed to clear out a blocked major artery.  So a one night hospital stay ended up extending to four.  We're blessed she's now home and recovering nicely.  She's starting to get feisty which tells me she's getting back to normal.

Spring is arriving in our neighborhood and even though Prior Lake is way lower than we'd like, the birds are still arriving to feast on the fish spawning up the creek to Spring Lake.  One of our favorite things to do is stalk them to capture revealing photos of their lifestyles.

The Pelicans don't typically stick around here for long, but spend a couple weeks partying here in the Spring.  They're fun to hang with while they're in town. 

Miss Sheri, Luke, & I had the great fortune to spend a couple of nights this week with our two favorite teams.

On Tuesday night, we went to Target Center to cheer on the home team for Game 2, Round 1 of the Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns.  And for all of you keeping score at home?  Yes, I was able to get our photo up on the big screen again.  Thank you very much.

On last week's post, I was pretty nervous about the Suns having just witnessed them demolish the Wolves and sweeping them 3-0 in the regular season.  Guess I shouldn't have worried.  We watched the Timberwolves beat the Suns by a score of 105-93 and then they went to Arizona and beat them again on Friday night.  We're excited to watch Game 4 tonight and hopefully see them win their first playoff series in like 20 years.  Go Wolves!

@toddswank Lets go Timberwolves! #timberwolves #nba #playoffs #round1 #game2 ♬ original sound - Todd Swank

On Thursday night, we were back in Minneapolis this time at US Bank Stadium.  It was the Minnesota Vikings 2024 NFL Draft Party.  We had 2 first round picks and were excited to see who our new super stars were going to be.

First we had the opportunity to see some of the current stars on the team.  I asked CJ Ham if he remembered serving pancakes at the Prior Lake VFW several years ago.  He smiled at me and said he did.  I looked him in the eye and said "Those were the best damned pancakes I ever ate."  Not sure if he took me seriously or not.

Andrew Van Ginkel signed with the Vikings a month ago from the Miami Dolphins.  I told him I heard he was originally from around here and he told me he grew up in Rock Valley, Iowa.  Miss Sheri exclaimed to him I grew up in Inwood and that's only 15 miles away from there!  He smiled, but my honest impression was he wasn't as nearly as excited about that fact than we were.

My new favorite Viking! We were in line to get pictures with players at Minnesota’s Draft Party. Huge crowd to see Aaron Jones but he didn’t appear to be showing up. He arrived right after we were done and we were bummed to have just missed him. I popped over and asked him if we could get a quick one. He leaped the other people taking photos to come get one with us. Since nobody was there to take the picture he grabbed my phone and took the selfie for us. What a great guy!

Every time I walk by any of the Vikings Cheerleaders I always feel obligated to take photos with them.  It just seems to make them so happy!
@toddswank The Vikings Got JJ McCarthy!! #vikings #minnesota #nfldraft #jjmccarthy ♬ original sound - Todd Swank

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