March 17, 2012

Flock of Eagles in Ventura, Iowa

Early in the week, I saw my high school buddy, Jason Anderson, post the following on Facebook:

Wow! If ya get the chance head to Ventura. There are at least 100 Bald n Golden Eagles at the grade! Very cool 

Denise Lindsay Hall asked:

"I Wonder Why?" 

and Chad Myhre responded: 

drained marsh = lots of dead and dying fish. Bald Eagle Feast!

Brad Crosser posted:
 I just took some pictures I'll post them later.

I was very anxious to see them and wasn't disappointed when he put them up later.  I asked for his permission to re-post them here and he generously allowed me to do that.  

Here they are:

Video from the local TV station in Mason City, Iowa.

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