March 11, 2012

Prior Lake Middle School Honor Band District Concert

Prior Lake Middle School Honor Band District Concert

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 11, 2012

Thursday night brought beautiful music in to our lives as the boy's middle school honor band connected with the 6th grade band and the high school wind ensemble for an incredible concert.  It would have been even better if they could have only fit a few more kids in the gym.

Avery tells us he wants to be an incredible Tromboner.  We tell him in the nicest possible way that he really shouldn't use words like that.

Luke does a nice job playing the Marimba.  We only wish they could get him a bigger one which would really allow him to showcase his entire range.  He can reach both sides of this one with a nice leisurely jogging pace, but he opens up better when he really has to run to reach both sides of it.

Miss Sheri wears a look of fascination on her face while watching the boys perform.  You can just tell how much the music is moving her spiritually.

On Friday night, we joined both band directors and many other parents  for the Prior Lake Middle School Band Boosters at Fongs in Prior Lake.  A social event where we get to leave the kids at home?Count us in!

I had no idea what to expect going into the evening, but we ended up staying for several hours and having a great time with a bunch of really interesting people.  I mentioned to Jyll, who organized the event, that we should do this every weekend!  She told me that was a nice idea and I was more than welcome to organize the next one!  That doesn't sound quite as much fun, though.

When we woke up on Saturday, we saw that the temperatures had climbed into the sixties!  Our first thought was to take Sunny down to the lake and see if we could get him to fall through the ice.  The boys have bugging us for a new puppy, but I keep telling them they have to finish using their old one first.

Of course I was kidding in that last photo.  We would never let anything happen to Sunny!  Our actual purpose of going down to the lake was to get the boys to have their picture taken with a couple of geese.  It's actually a lot harder than it looks to get the birds to pose like this.

Quit looking at the birds, daddy, and Throw me the Dang Ball!

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