March 17, 2012

The Ice Is Out on Prior Lake 2012

The Ice Is Out on Prior Lake 2012
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 17, 2012

Warm weather started creeping into the air this week which brought a load of glee into Sunny's life because he lives to swim!
We went down to the lake each day this week and every time, the strip of water grew larger and larger.  I guess 80 degree temperatures in March in Minnesota will do that!

Sunny was born with a Golden Retriever for a mother and a penguin for a father.  Their mating ritual had to be quite a sight to see!
The highlight at Nor-Tech this week was when my old buddy and co-worker, Mark Donovan, stopped by for a visit.  He just loves to come and look at the Cluster Supercomputers we're building.  It's pretty cute to watch his eyes light up when he sees the computers, but we have to firmly remind him that it's OK to look with his eyes, but not touch with his hands.

Of Course, Mark never listens and inevitably something ends up broken.  Lucky for us, we had some engineers in from SuperMicro helping us out this week and they were able to clean up his messes.

Friday night rolled around so Miss Sheri and Luke decided to abandon Avery and I to go visit some friends.  So the two of us headed to the Mystic Lakes buffet where we drowned our sorrows in some succulent dishes.  And Apple pie covered with vanilla and caramel sauce!  By the time that we left, we were so satisfied that we forgot that we even had other members in our family!

While Miss Sheri was off with a friend, Luke headed to the Mall of America with his buddy, Jackson, and his mom.  The three of them participated in a new Guinness Book of World Records entry involving 836 people dressing up in turtle outfits.   I've seen full pictures of the event and I swear I only count 834 people so I may have to turn them into the authorities for trying to pull some kind of scam.
The reason they did this was because Jackson's mom, Jen, has a real big obsession with turtles.  Or maybe the obsession she has is with ninjas.  I can never remember which one it is.

By the time Saturday morning rolled around, all the ice in Prior Lake was completely gone and Sunny was in heaven having the full lake to swim.  It's been so bizarre having this hot weather in March.  But knowing our luck with the weather in Minnesota, I'm guessing we'll still have an upcoming blizzard hitting us some time in early June.  Now that's something to look forward to...

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