June 10, 2012

Candy Cove on Prior Lake

Candy Cove on Prior Lake

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 10, 2012

On Thursday night, Uncle Jerry came to the Twin Cities with his family to visit the Mall of America.  On their way out of town, they stopped by our house for a visit.  It was a joyous reunion.

Although we didn't have a lot of time together, we found a chance to walk down to the lake and also play some football in the backyard.  No tackling, though.  Dad gets hurt too much for that.

On Saturday morning, I asked the boys what they wanted to do for fun for the day and they both said Tubing.  So we loaded up the boat and headed out to the lake.

We also brought Sunny even though he's a complete SPAZ on the boat.  All he does is whine and want to jump-in the water.  Which is fine, except that he has no concept of how to get back into the boat once he's in the water.  So inevitably I have to jump in the water, get behind him, and boost him up while Miss Sheri and the boys try to lift him out of the lake.  I have scratches all over my chest as a Thank You from him for the help.  This may have been Sunny's last boat ride for the year.

When things start getting a little boring for mom and dad, we like to drag the tube through "Flocks of Killer Geese".  Of course, there's no such thing as "Killer Geese" but the boys don't know that.

Since it was a nice, hot, sunny day, Candy Cove on Prior Lake was pretty crowded.  Candy Cove is a quiet bay off the lake where people like to drop anchor, play music, drink beer and have fun.  Not necessarily in that order.

We didn't stay there for long, though, because the boys met some friends from school who wanted to join us for some tubing action.

We started off by trying to have 4 people ride on the tube at once, but once the waves started rocking, the heads started knocking.  So we thought 3 people might work better.

Three people on the tube was working pretty good until one of the girls ended up biting her tongue pretty badly.  Not sure exactly how that happened.

2 people on the tube was working the best until Avery decided to start showing off and tried standing on the tube.  He didn't last very long before the motion brought him down, though.

Luke doesn't get into trying any of those shenanigans like standing on the tube.  He's quite content sitting still as long as he possibly can.

Shortly before we were done for the day, I asked the kids to take this picture. Now I'm not sure what they were doing, but they all suddenly held up their hands this way.  Figuring that since I'm the only guy on the boat with 8 fingers, it must have been their way of saying "Thank You" or something.  You're welcome, kids.  It was a really fun day!

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