June 17, 2012

Penn and Teller at Mystic Lake Casino

Penn and Teller at Mystic Lake Casino 

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 17, 2012

On Sunday night we went to the races in Shakopee.  Because we like to watch cars go fast!

We went with our friends, the Walters Family.  Because they like to watch cars go fast also!

Sometimes, the boys get tired of watching the cars go fast.  So instead they hop in the back window and ride them.  But they go pretty slow when they do that.

On Tuesday night, we went golfing with our friends, Jay and Rob.  We like to hit the balls hard!

Miss Sheri has a velvet touch which I really enjoy.  
I also like watching her putt golf balls.

On Wednesday night, we drove down to Jordan, Minnesota for the Minnesota Valley Electric Coop board meeting.  We were kind of sad because we didn't see any fast cars while we were there nor did we get to hit any balls hard.  We just heard a bunch of talk about local energy resources.

I bumped into an old friend by the name of Tom Wolf.  Tom was up for re-election for the MVEC board and won by a landslide.  He's also one of the Scott County Commissioners and the local paper says he's going to have a feisty campaign this fall for re-election.  I really enjoy Tom's ideas, his energy, and his passion for helping the local taxpayers.  I'm confident he'll win that election as well.  Best of luck to you, Tom!

On Friday night, we went to see Penn and Teller at Mystic Lake Casino.

These guys are incredible illusionists and showmen.  I not only enjoyed the impressive tricks they staged, I was pleasantly surprised by their philosophical dialog that they had throughout the show.  Well, I guess Penn had good things to discuss.  For some reason, Teller didn't say much.

On Saturday, it rained for most of the day, but we still found the time to squeeze in a ride between the storms.  At least we thought that was the plan.  The rain snuck up on us while we were on the far side of the lake and pretty much made us drenched.  Even those of us who didn't want to get wet!

Some how, Karl and Tina become an even more cute couple after they've been rained on for awhile.  I really need to figure out their beauty secrets.

On Saturday night, we went to celebrate the graduation of an old friend, Miranda Schoen.  I totally remember when Miranda was just a little girl and now this lovely young lady is striking out on the world all on her own.  I feel so old.

Sunday brought us Father's Day and a celebration at the Outback.  Their steak and lobster specials was just what I needed to feel young again!  Thanks, family.

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