June 11, 2012

Nice Email from an Old Friend Who Lives in the Deep South


It is official- you are famous.

I just didn't realize. 

Funny story that I HAVE to tell you. It's a little long........ 

I am at my husband's uncle's funeral last week. His cousin was burned as a newborn & has a small arm & some challenges from this. 

My sis in law & I were talking about how this happened to her, with my girls. I was telling them about you & how we went to NIACC together, etc, etc. & how you have this great website, & post funny stuff. 

I said it's called short arm guy or something....suddenly my sis in law screams out (in the funeral home) 


You REALLY know short arm guy??? 

I cannot BELIEVE you know SHORT ARM GUY!!! 

Apparently her boyfriend is a big fan & sends her funny posts from you on a regular basis!! 

She thinks you are hilarious & somehow I have moved up on the inlaw track just from knowing you!!!!!! 

I thought you would get a kick out of it! Your fame is national- as we live in the DEEP SOUTH!! 

Hope you and your family are doing great!!!!!!!! 


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